soulful breathwork workshop

WITH katie dedlow

saturday june 29th 3-4:30pm


move energy through a powerful breathwork practice

Join E-RYT and Soulful Breathwork facilitator, Kate Dedlow, for an afternoon of healing and profound transformation through Soulful Breathwork.
Breathwork is a simple breathing practice that encourages altered states of being, helping to work through stagnant thought patterns, and create real, lasting transformation.

This healing modality is known to enhance your physical, emotional, and spiritual state. It is powerful yogic practice that works as a tool to heal past trauma and can facilitate internal peace, as well as encourage profound spiritual experiences.

Often just one session can re-ignite and energize you to repave life's journey.

The practice is done while in Savasana focusing simply on the breath making it accessible to everyone. No experience in meditation or other practices necessary.

Your breath, or prana, is an symbol of your vitality. Breath has been used in Eastern traditions to help heal and transform the body for thousands of years. What used to be Eastern spiritual teachings that we, and all living things, are energy, we now know is true. Physics tells us that we are energy - energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed.

This ancient method is one of profound change in the body - this is the key principle of the somatic science of yoga and breathwork. Breathwork helps faciliate healing and movement of energy in the body. It is proven to be effective in many regards, and has been a trusted healing modality dating back to ancient cultures.

$45 Early Purchase
$50 at Door

facilitated by kate dedlow


About Kate Delow

Kate facilitates Breathwork, a transformative practice in which we use the breath to facilitate personal evolution and spiritual growth. Breath is the root of the yoga practice that we think of as "yoga" today. The work is profoundly life changing. Monthly workshops available through The Green Yogi in Berkeley, CA.

Kate holds a BFA in Printmaking from Pratt Institute; is an E-RYT 200, currently pursuing her 300 Hour training with Noah Maze, and holds over 500 training hours in Soulful Breathwork. She is certified to teach Yin Yoga,Yoga Nidra, is a Reiki Practitioner, and Soulful Breathwork facilitator. Kate is grateful to have studied and practiced with Ana Forrest, Noah Maze, Seane Corn, amongst many other influential teachers. Kate is influenced by the spiritual teachings of Christian de La Huerta and don Miguel Ruiz.