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We've cultivated a community of healers in a range of modalities to serve you—mind, body and soul—bringing you back to your truest selves.

Healing Treatments

Cranial balance

Gentle, clothing-on body work that utilizes holds and stillness to affect deep change within the nervous system. You will leave feeling less stressed, more embodied, more relaxed, with increased emotional and mental clarity, less pain, and more enthusiasm for life.

Intuition medicine

Intuition Medicine is a type of energy healing that involves spirit-to-spirit connection aiming to bring balance to an energy system, and awareness to the energetic influence of thoughts, beliefs, and emotions. Different energies such as (Earth, Universal Consciousness, Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine, etc.) each with their own qualities and purpose,  and apply practical techniques to bring the whole person back into balance.


Intuitive body work that incorporates Reiki and Amazonian healing techniques to move and clear stuck energy, help release past pain, and tap into heart and spirit. This treatment may involve touch, but mainly works at the level of the energetic (rather than physical) body.

Sacred Medicine

A combination of intuitive reading, energy healing, and prescriptive practices. Do you know how to hear the whispers of your soul, what it’s longing for, what medicine it’s craving?
Come as you are, leave with insight and guidance to what your soul needs most right now.

spiritual coaching

Looking for clarity, healing, or general guidance? Connect and heal subconscious beliefs that are holding you back from feeling deeply connected and fulfilled in your life. This is the place to tend to and heal all the old wounds keeping you stuck.

Kambo is a secretion from the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog found in the Amazon region of Peru and Brazil. the Indigenous People believe that Kambo is a medicine and spiritual healer who removes panema (negative energies) from our bodies allowing us to find a deeper connection with ourselves and all of life.


The Akashic Records are an infinite resource of information on your past lives, present life and future possibilities. The Akashic Records hold the history of every soul’s journey through all lifetimes and spaces.

akashic records

Discover your spirit animal through a guided meditative journeying process and receive the message and qualities that you’re ready to invoke and embody in your life. Find out which animal spirit in your totem is actively supporting this season of your life.

spirit animal journey

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