Tiffany Lin


Tiffany Lin is a sacred sexuality healer, embodiment coach, tantric facilitator, heart opener, body worker, and intimacy activist. 

Her passion is in creating safely held experiences for people of all gender identities to release blockages, let go of limiting beliefs, open their hearts, activate their desires, and discover their deepest most authentic truth and embodied expression. 

She works with clients 1:1 to help folks experientially learn how to surrender, reclaim their voice, activate their life force energy, and recognize how worthy they are to thrive in every area of their life- sex, love, relationship, money, power. 

Her deep journey into the intersection of embodiment, sexual healing, and higher consciousness, studying under tantric masters around the world, has given her a profound mix of tools: Orgasmic Meditation training, authentic relating communication skills, dearmoring, yoni massage, shamanic dance practices, intuitive bodywork energy washouts having her clients feel nourished with access to breath, groundedness, vitality, clarity, acceptance, and joy.

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