Bridgette Currington


In 2014, Bay Area native Bridgette began her work with sacred plant medicine. Getting a glimpse into the ability that these plants have to both teach and heal, she has completely placed her heart into the hands of the sacred plant spirits. Working with shamans in both Mexico and Peru, Bridgette continues to be a dedicated student to the path. ⁣

Journeying into the jungle, Bridgette has been able to explore her deep karmic connection to the land of the Amazon. With the great love and reverence that she holds for this land, she offers its medicine; sharing Kambo, Sananga, Rape and bodywork which she claims the plants have gifted her with the inner roadmap to not just understand, but tune in to the more subtle energies that we are living with.

Kambo Medicine Healing

Kambo is a secretion from the Giant Green Monkey Tree Frog found in the Amazon region of Peru and Brazil. the Indigenous People believe that Kambo is a medicine and spiritual healer who removes panema (negative energies) from our bodies allowing us to find a deeper connection with ourselves and all of life. ⁣

Hannah Jenkins