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Underbelly: Discover Your Slow Dance

Underbelly is a conscious dance experience, meditation in motion, emotional processing space and embodied movement inquiry. Explore The Art of Slowing Down in this “subtle energy open jam” with music, movement, presence, and human contact to reveal unique states of connection and authenticity. Invite movement from feeling the intimate spaces of your body, breath and being while in an immersive aesthetic of light and sound. Cultivate deeper awareness, listening, and attunement as you relate to self, other and the environment. Voyage beneath the surface of our fast culture and dive into a slow sanctuary for unearthing what is alive, tender, honest and real for you in every moment.

This experience is not a solution, method or teaching of tools. It is an intentional/invitational container for self-discovery, facilitated deep diving, awareness cultivation and spacious inquiry.

Music: Pre-curated playlists/soundscapes ranging from beautiful, sensual, live and emotionally evoking to ambient, silent, soulful, and downtempo.

Earlier Event: July 15
Inner Voice Training
Later Event: July 20
Handstand and Play