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Sound Healing Ceremony

Emile's sound baths incorporate traditional instruments and musical styles from around the world. These sounds guide people into powerful states of expansion and peace. Emile holds a deep connection to the Native American Flute, Australian Didgeridoo, and the Mouth Harp.
Emile is also an expert at overtone throatsinging - also known as multi-pitch or harmonic singing. Listening to the harmonic tones in overtone throatsinging puts individuals in a state of bliss. The overtone and harmonic singing comes from Siberia and especially the regions of Tuva, Altai, and Mongolia. It is used to channel the spirits of nature and land including the rivers, mountains, and steppe.

Sound bath healing is an experience in surrender. You do not have to do anything other than show up. Emile will speak a little about sound healing before we begin.

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Later Event: June 8
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