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Mana: Women's Movement

MANA is a movement practice that reconnect women with the natural feminine ways of moving- in circles, spirals, and waves in order to create more freedom in the body and awaken creative life force energy. In this Introductory Workshop to the essential MANA movements, we flow through a series of guided movement sequences, focusing on spinal mobility, whole body fluidity, release technique, breath-body connection, and body intelligence.

Through diving into these exercises with focus and presence, we can effectively connect, awaken, and unlock our creative life force energy. Through intentional breathing and release movement, we clear the channels of the body to allow this energy to flow through us without restriction, expressing all our our feminine creative energy in the world in its full power! As you increase the freedom and fluidity in your body, you carry this into the rest of your life… fluid spine, fluid mind!

MANA connects women in movement, dance, and a shared experience of liberation. We come together to celebrate our innate sensuality, and our capacity to express ourselves through movement. This class will help you become more comfortable expressing yourself through your body, whether it is on the ecstatic dance floor, by yourself at home, or just the way you move through the world. Relax the mind, enjoy the body, unleash the spirit.


Mana Mei began dancing when she was three years old, training in classical ballet until the age of 21. She went on to study many different modern dance techniques, classical ballet, improvisation, and choreography through University. She continued on to dance professionally with internationally touring modern dance companies in California.

Currently, Mana lives in Bali, Indonesia where she teaches many different modalities of dance, movement, and embodiment practices. She is passionate about connecting people with their authentic movement voice, discovering what their unique form of expression is, and empowering women to step fully into their full expression by liberating their mind, body, and spirit. Dance is her life-long passion. She believes that our bodies are vessels built to explore all of the complexities of the human experience and by becoming deeply embodied and engaging with others from this place, we may feel our truest connection to the universe.

Later Event: August 20
Free Women's Circle