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Geomorphology & The Feminine

Connect more deeply to yourself and your own feminine power by connecting deeply to Mother Earth.

Elyna’s course is playful, yet profound. The new awarenesses you awaken to here will stay with you for the rest of your life, shifting your understanding of how the world works as slowly and powerfully as the the movements of the tectonic plates which underlie the earth on which you stand.
— Santha

She is the grinding of the plates, the passionate tension released in earth quaking change.  She is creating her own canyons, mountains, valleys and shores - and so are you.  Access new levels of awareness, peace, and power as we bridge earth science and ancient wisdom.

For eons, in countless traditions, the Earth herself has been seen as feminine.  In many religions, cultures and indigenous stories, women were the protectors and the guardians of the earth- they were intrinsically bound to it.

In this workshop you’ll learn Geomorphology - the study of how the Earth moves, how new lands are created, and the role of elemental forces. You will read ancient stories and myths of the connection between woman and land.  And with each new understanding, you’ll be guided with inquiry and practices to learn something new about your own passions, sensations, experiences, and elemental power.

Think of me as a guide and the group as a teacher. I will provide the geography lessons and workshop container. We, the group of women, will together provide the insight.

For example, did you know:

  • The landmasses of the world are constantly in motion, nothing on this earth is actually stationary. Does that sound like you?

  • When one landmass goes under another, it is called subduction and water trapped in that earth creates volcanos (a few more steps are involved). When buried emotions are trapped inside of us… we melt things and erupt - creating anew.

  • The highest point on the planet and the lowest point underwater are roughly the same distance from sea level. And as women, we have a wide range for experiencing sensation, emotion, peaks and valleys.

Anyone who identifies as a woman is welcome - all ages and backgrounds.

Participating in this workshop fully, you will…

  • Handle change in life with a new elemental grace and understanding.

  • Feel more confident about your essence as a woman.

  • Enjoy a new connection with the Earth herself.

  • Understand Geomorphology and bring this into your own teachings and conversations.

  • Connect with other women who share your interests.

  • Laugh at my geographical commentary while I do teacher drawings.

Screen Shot 2019-07-18 at 8.45.46 PM.png

Taught by Elyna Anderson, Physical Geography Graduate from UC Berkeley and Women’s Coach

I am holding one discounted spot for a Teachers Assistant. Please reach me at 530.263.9659 or with questions.

Saturday 1PM-8PM

Sunday 10AM-6PM
Doors open 30 minutes before class.

I love MY OWN new understanding of how the shifting of tectonic plates mirrors the way things SLOOWWWLY move in my own life. AND I love seeing that my own way of looking at things is SO not-native to others! And I love considering all the many form and actions and influences and manifestations of water. And the idea of Ease and Flow in life as in water.
— Liz
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