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Shoulder Integration Yoga Workshop

Do you ever feel like your yoga practice is hurting more than helping? Ever feel like your shoulders are getting tense? Ever feel like it’s taking too long after your yoga practice for the soreness in your shoulders to dissipate? The strategies in this class are the key to having healthy shoulders for the rest of your life. Have you ever: Got a massage that worked on your shoulders, but it didn’t seem to help? Had pain in your shoulder after sleeping in a funny position? Felt tension in your shoulders that just won’t seem to go away? I’ll give you the tools you need in order to start your journey towards strong shoulders. After this class you will know exactly what to do in order to maintain the health of your shoulders and keep tension and tightness away.

This class is filled with practical advice and tips that you can use to help your shoulders and your friends shoulders. You will have the skills you need in order to keep your body in balance. Whether you are a long time yoga student, a beginner, or have never done yoga this class is for you. Let this be the last workshop you do before you start attempting handstands, arm balances, or overhead yoga postures. No one has to settle for shoulder pain. No one has to settle for less than their ultimate potential. For less than a massage, this short, but life altering workshop can be yours. Let’s begin your path to health.

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