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Shamasoma - Empath Energy Protection

Ground, Shield, Clear.

Essential Practices for Healers, Caregivers & Sensitive PeopleWhen a person is doing healing work, It is possible to take on non-beneficial energies of others as a healer, as a friend, as a lover and even for some, from a passersby, particularly if you are am empath. This class will focus on the skills of being empathic, without being a psychic sponge. It will help you to ground your energy, so that you stay present, and so that the healing current that moves through you will be stronger. You will gain greater ability to be electrically, emotionally and mentally grounded. Learn practices that will help you to stay in touch with yourself as you connect with the person you are working on. You will learn techniques to clear stuck energy, and clearing techniques to use for yourself or after working on or interacting with others.

Sylvia Brallier Is it beloved author and teacher who has been sharing her wisdom and unique skills in spiritual healing internationally for over 30 years. She is the Creator of the ShamaSoma Method, and Rhythm Well. She brings her kind kind heart and infectious laughter along for the ride.

Some work trade possible for challenged individuals.

Please inquire. No one turned away for lack of funds. Please invest and in our open fee structure so no one is left out.

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