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Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork

Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful healing experience that facilitates conscious connection with spirit, body, and often hidden aspects of ourselves. I strongly believe that we are our own healers and this process offers you a way to remember who it is you came here to be - to reconnect with the magic of you. 

In this simple yet potent practice you will be empowered to find clarity of purpose, spiritual growth, letting go of old stories, connecting with spiritual guides, uncovering and healing trauma, and/or connecting to your higher self. Each person’s journey is a highly individualized process and no two are ever the same. 

Shamanic Breathwork creates a sacred and safe container that allows the ego to let down its defenses releasing what it no longer needed. When this happens the other pieces of ourselves can move more to our center/core helping us to achieve our soul's purpose. This experience promises to be magical and meaningful for you no matter where you are at on your unique path.

This process uses your innate wisdom, deep connected circular breathing coupled with chakra attuned music, focused energy & body work, mandala art process and group sharing to gain wisdom and healing from each individual's experience.

Shamanic Breathwork® can support individuals in: 

- Accessing and awakening different levels of consciousness 

- Accelerating Personal and Spiritual Growth 

- Reclaiming Lost Soul Parts 

- Stepping into their Power 

- Discovering their Soul’s Purpose 

- Making Real and Lasting Change in their Lives 

- Connecting with Ancestors 

- Discovering Power Animals 

- Journeying through Time, Space, and Different Dimensions 

- Breaking through limiting patterns, behaviors, and beliefs 

- Embodying their Future Selves 



I am a Healer and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator who does healing and transformational services in Boulder. I pull from my life experience, abilities as a natural healer and extensive professional training to provide transformational healing support and services. My work is geared toward cultivating authenticity, finding your truth, embodying your purpose, loving yourself and living the life that you want to live. I do this by supporting the whole person in feeling safe and empowered to do the deep work of recovering self, stepping into your power and healing your life.

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