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Rhythm Well- Drum Dance & Breathwork Circle

Drum Circle and Breathwork

A drumming , dancing, breath work event with sound & energy healing to support positive well-being and creative culture. Wellness can be facilitated by rhythm. Our bodies are composed of rhythms… the beating of our heart, the pumping of our blood, the cranial sacral fluids pulsing up and down our spines, the rhythm of our breath through our lungs. Our organs, chakras, and even our bones can be encouraged towards wellness by the rhythms that exist within sound frequencies that can entrain all aspects of ourself towards health. It’s a rare person who doesn’t feel a buoyant mood when there is a kicking drum beat and a great dance floor to get down on!

It is our intention to create a safe space to do inner healing work, and express one’s self authentically through dance and sound. We want to create a space where people can look one another in the eye and know they have true community ...who not only like to dance and drum, but actively care for each other’s wellbeing so we are energized for the good work of our lives and to make the world a better place. Learn all about it at this link:

Sylvia Brallier is a beloved author teacher and practitioner of shamanic and spiritual healing techniques from around the world. She creates a compassionate space for people to get in and do the inner work it takes to feel empowered and authentically self expressed.