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Resonate Oakland: A Reiki Infused Bass Sound Bath Meditation

RESONATE is a Reiki Infused Bass Sound Bath and Meditation, conceived by Ecstatic DJ and Dancer, Gabriel Francisco.

This powerful event brings together a deeply restorative electronic soundscape and transformational energy healing into the world of intentional meditation.

Surrender and transcend as you allow the soothing and grounding sweet sonic symphony to connect, recharge and restore you, body and soul. Lay down and cuddle up to the best down-tempo yet uplifting beats from Gabriel Francisco, while Chelsea Didier (Reiki Master/Shamanic Healer) provides in-depth, energetic, hands-on healing. We will drop into a waking dream state with an intention based mediation to begin and arise from the journey feeling deeply nourished and held as we ground the medicine into the present with a closing meditation. We look forward to welcoming you into the portal.







$25 General // $30 Door

*Tickets will be sold at the door based on the capacity of the event and are not a guarantee*

Gabriel Francisco - As an international dancer, teacher, and choreographer, Gabriel's entire professional career has been to take movers on an enriching, educational and insightful journey. In class it has been with movement he creates to music he loves, spinning tales, giving advice, helping, healing...

Transforming from Dancer to DJ, Gabriel has found an evolution, moving from the floor to the decks. Knowing what dancers want, has provided a special insight on what to provide as a DJ. Gabriel has taken his love of music and movement abroad, dropping DJ sets all over Europe, Thailand, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. Gabriel has as opened for Dirtwire, Dimond Saints, Random Rab, and MORiLLO to name just a few...

Chelsea Didier - Chelsea Didier loves human beings. As an intuitive guide, embodiment specialist and medicine woman, Chelsea supports creators, healers, entrepreneurs, and businesses fully step into authentic soul alignment. She is a result-oriented mentor, empowering her clients and their entities to harness their next level of energetic efficiency, clarity, awareness, balance, and integrity in connection to self, business and in relationship.

Chelsea seeks to remind, embody and anchor into herself, her clients and the universe the frequencies of beauty, truth, and power. She believes that our ability to see/feel/taste our inherent beauty, truth and power lies in our individual and collective allowance to accept ourselves exactly as we are, to mindfully slow down, drop into our hearts, clear the masks, the stale stories, consciously reparent and co-create heaven on earth from a place of pure source connection and aligned creative flow.

Rooted in ancient wisdom and supported by plant allies, Chelsea's guidance and tools come with a no BS approach, holding you in an epic basin of heart space. She provides clients direct access to uprooting and dismantling the source layers of trauma, programming, as well as religious, ancestral and cultural conditioning stored deep in our DNA. She seeks to offer a fresh connection point to Source, to the true Self, establishing healthy mental habits and the ability to FEEL like home. The embodiment of one's truth in its most refined available form.

Technically and with great respect, Chelsea is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, EFT practitioner, meditation guide, ceremony facilitator, breathwork facilitator, somatic healer, and co-creator of Inner Alchemy shamanic sound journey meditation. She has wholeheartedly participated, assisted, and facilitated in wide-ranging 5 Rhythms/ecstatic dance therapeutic movement classes/workshops/ retreats for over a decade.

Recent passion projects have included designing healing in business programs, designing new paradigm HR models, authentic relating through movement/embodiment workshops, sacred ceremony creation/facilitation and continuing to find new layers of beauty, truth, and power in her one-on-one energetic attunements/activations focusing on awakening, empowerment and deepening.