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Radiant Hearts, Empowered Womens Voice Training

Radiant Hearts, Empowered Voices:
Women’s Vocal Embodiment Immersion!
Guided by Maggie Taurick & Diana Egizi

SATURDAY, September 14th, 2019
1pm-6pm / 7:30pm - 10pm (optional)

LOCATION: Heartbeat Collective
3630 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

💜 Until August 31: $66
💜 September 1-14: $77
💜 Same Day: $88

* Price Includes ceremonial dose of cacao & voice-nourishing herbal tea

Join us for an exploration of your authentic voice and intuitive expression in a supportive circle of women. We will breathe, sound, sing, and share together, blessed by love-alchemized ceremonial cacao and the wisdom of our hearts and wombs.

During this adventure, we will lovingly investigate the stories and beliefs around our individual voices and ignite compassion, courage, and gratitude to support our journey of reclaiming our powerful expression! Potent alchemy awaits you with embodied sounding, vocal activation, ancient toning practices, devotional song, and deep listening.

“As soon as sound is pouring out of your mouth, you are brought into the present moment, face to face with yourself, and there is nowhere to hide. It’s like falling in love. Singing ignites the entire electromagnetic field of your heart, switching on the whole light bulb of the brain, and awakening your soul into a way of being where all and everything is possible.”
- Chloë Goodchild, The Naked Voice

Following the women's immersion, we will have a break, during which you're encouraged to have a grounding meal. We'll open the space again at 7:30 – this time to all genders – for an open mic + creativity lounge where you'll have the opportunity to express yourself and share your inspiration with the community!

Please feel free to invite friends and loved ones: Empowered Voices: Open Mic + Creativity Lounge

*The price of the evening event is included for those who sign up for the immersion & attendance is optional

Due to the cozy, intimate nature of the location, we will have a cap on the number of participants. Be sure to reserve early!

- Please bring comfortable clothing with enough layers to be cozy and anything else that will support you to rest comfortably sitting & lying down. (Example: blanket, poncho, eye mask) Cushions will be provided.
- Please bring a journal/notebook and something to write with, any creative tools like colored pencils etc.
- Feel free to bring your own drinking mug and water bottle.
- Please eat a light meal before coming, avoiding heavy foods, mind-altering substances.
- Also it's truly best to abstain from coffee/high caffeine this morning as we'll be working with cacao which has stimulating properties on its own!
- Bring a snack if you like, and anything else you need to stay nourished!

*Note: Please talk to us if you have any questions or concerns about ceremonial cacao! We are happy to chat about it.

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