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Mocktails Mix & Flow

“Sobriety as Wellness”—a yoga flow and mindful mixer event for the “sober curious”… A Friday night that you feel good about the next day.
Are you at a point in life where you are questioning your relationship to alcohol/substances? Perhaps you know that alcohol isn’t serving you anymore, but you keep drinking as a form of letting go and relaxing with friends, but regret it the next day. 
Our sober wellness event aims to change the conversation around drinking and offers the possibility that sobriety is cool and socially normal. We will join together to destigmatize sobriety and provide an alternative Friday night, combining movement and conscious conversation. 

Evening Flow:
6-7- Mocktails Mixer—Kombucha & La Croix mix, mingle, and meet 
7-8- Vinyasa Flow (all levels) led by Hannah Jenkins
8-9- Consciousness Circle- led by Sara Baughn 
Check ins
Sharing my journey of nearly 2 years of sober inquiry 
Opportunity for timed shares on the topic of your personal journey with alcohol 

About Sara—
I gave up drinking in June 2017 after a wakeup call from a friend the day after a party with my fitness community in Philadelphia. I was running the Chicago Marathon in October that year, so had a good “on paper” reason to abstain without facing the awkward question of “why aren’t you drinking..” Beyond running the race, I have decided that remaining alcohol free is a beneficial lifestyle choice for me. I did resume drinking during Nov/Dec of 2018 and found myself slipping back into old patterns that were not serving me. This January, after my face broke out in a rash, I took it as a sign that my body and mind did better with alcohol abstinence. As a former party girl, I am passionate about creating social experiences where people who both identify as sober and those considering an alcohol free or reduced alcohol lifestyle can join together and “party” consciously on the weekends and provide support for each other. This was the birth of our “Sobriety as Wellness” movement. 

About Hannah— Years of yoga has allowed me to develop the capacity to encounter parts of myself- deep feelings and desires- and hold the sensation of them in my body, where I used to numb and hide from them with substances. I remember thinking that I had social anxiety and that alcohol "helped," when all it was doing was masking my discomfort. So I began practicing socializing without drinking and discovered I was not as introverted as I thought. I am more sensitive than I could have ever imagined during my partying heydays, and conscious community building has shown that around people that genuinely want to connect I love sharing myself and meeting new people.

Earlier Event: May 9
Spiritual Happy Hour
Later Event: May 14
Women's Circle