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The Kaia Method - A Meditative Dance Journey

The Kaia Method - A Meditative Dance Journey

The most potent embodiment practice for holistic transformation.The Kaia Method is a meditative movement journey that works directly with the body's energy systems to gently transmute stagnation and free the bodymind.

This occurs while deep states of embodiment carry us into higher states of consciousness. This is an introductory class that gently releases stagnation throughout the body’s meridians, cathartically carrying us into vast states of freedom, acceptance and interconnectedness. It’s the perfect class to develop an understanding of the method, and to deepen and free your relationship with your body. Your body is your roadmap, one that carries infinite wisdom.

If you are ready to listen, join us.

Hannah Blake, founder of The Kaia Method, has traveled the globe dancing professionally with masters from around the world from the Bolshoi and Kirov Academies, Alvin Ailey, and Complexions Contemporary. At age 16, Hannah traveled to the Middle East on a mission to bridge gaps between American and Omani culture through dance. It was here that she first realized and embodied the transformative, ego-dissolving, honest catalyzation that dance could be. From there, she went on to study World Arts and Cultures, Art Therapy and Psycho-Biology at UCLA. The cohesion of these life and academic experiences, plus her quest for integrated human and spiritual truth, coalesced in the birth of The Kaia Method. She personally healed herself of an autoimmune disease utilizing her methodology, and has been expanding the practice across the globe ever since.