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Healing with Essential Oils

Come learn how EOs can effectively heal our bodies and how to use them aromatically, topically, and internally for your health priorities

Join us for a relaxing and educational essential oil experience. We will explore the ways these essential oils effectively heal our bodies, why they are more effective than prescription drugs, and how to use them aromatically, topically, and internally for your health priorities. Complimentary samples will be given prior to the class to anyone that will be attending. Alexandra is a lover of the earth, and feels most connected and at peace in nature. Her path has always led her to the plants. Through out this earthly journey, she has always looked to natural solutions for healing her body. Her belief is nature knows best. Alexandra has explored and been taught ancient teachings of plant medicine and the uses of essential oils for ceremonies, beauty, and healing both the emotional and physical bodies.

In 2015 Alexandra was introduced to dōTERRA’s powerful plant essential oils after being ill from black mold exposure. The power of these plant essential oils was like nothing she had ever experienced before. Through out her healing experience, Alexandra began to dig deep into what she had got her hands on! And began sharing with everyone she knew. In the last four years she has traveled the west coast, educating and empowering hundreds of people on simple ways to heal ailments with these powerful plant oils. Her heart has been ignited with a deep passion to serve and heal the world, one drop at a time.