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Chakra Alignment Workshop

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We’re taught early on to understand how our bodies work, but we aren’t necessarily taught how our energetic body works. Join Intuitive and Energy Healer Kristen Rice to explore each of the body’s energy centers and how our energetic body effects and is effected by our mental, emotional, and physical health.

You’ll walk away understanding how the chakra system works in the body and what each of the chakra centers corresponds to emotionally and physically.

Understanding the chakras can help you to:

  • Ground and center your energy

  • Amplify your creativity and manifestation superpowers

  • Open, close, and balance your sexual energy

  • Increase your willpower, self worth, and confidence

  • Open your heart to more love and compassion

  • Integrate your mental, emotional, physical, and energetic health

  • Calm anxious energy, thoughts, and overwhelm

  • Connect more deeply to spirituality and intuition

This workshop will be both informational and transformational.

We’ll finish with a group energy healing that will help you unlock stuck, overactive, and blocked energy to aide in your personal growth journey.


Kristen Rice is a modern day Mystic, Spiritual Guide and Intuitive Healer. 

Her soul carries the ancient wisdom of many past lives lived as healers, seers and priestesses in some of the most ancient civilizations of this world. Her intuitive gifts include clairvoyance, channeling, and astral travel.

Kristen created Raw & Ritual, a sacred container for deeply personal soul work where she teaches people all over the world how to cultivate deep, meaningful connection to themselves, others, and spirit. 

She believes every person has the capacity to feel joyful in their lives no matter what they’ve experienced.