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More Than You Came For—Nurturing every inch of you—Mind, Body & Soul


Imagine, you are sitting in the sun enjoying a probiotic rice bowl in a state of post yoga bliss. You overhear at the table next to you a man telling his friend about the amazing impact he feels after his Reiki session. Curious, you ask him to tell you a bit more about it, get to talking, and find that you are both set to attend a creativity workshop this upcoming weekend. Each time you come to The Heartbeat Collective you find yourself meeting more like-minded people interested in exploring, learning, and expanding. It’s always more than you came for.



Are you living a fully embodied life? Letting your emotions release through movement? We believe in the body’s ability to heal through nourishment, attention, and presence. Stop in to move your body in ancient healing practices, nurture yourself with food, and receive healing treatments.



“Your body is an access point for healing”— Hannah, Co-founder

We believe that yoga, spiritual growth, learning, healing, and community should all be accessible—that’s why we’re committed to holding high quality community services at affordable prices. Enroll in our Founders Membership and secure the lowest unlimited yoga rate in the Bay Area.



There’s no community without food” —Alexa, Co-founder

The first of its kind in Oakland nestled right outside our yoga studio and healing community center. Come for a class or healing, stay for community. Enjoy Kombucha on tap, coffee, tea, or smoothies, as you fill your belly with probiotic rice bowls, and toasts loaded with avocado or homemade hummus.



Have you been looking for more deep, meaningful connection in your life? A place to drop the superficial filters and fully be your true self? We created a space for you to come as you are, to deepen your knowledge while fully being witnessed and seen.

Deepen your roots. Grow Together.


aug 24th

shamanic breathwork


Shamanic Breathwork is a powerful healing experience that facilitates conscious connection with spirit, body, and often hidden aspects of ourselves. I strongly believe that we are our own healers and this process offers you a way to remember who it is you came here to be - to reconnect with the magic of you. 


sept 13

full moon sound healing

On this full moon, you are invited to submerge yourself in healing vibrations to relax your mind and body and to open your heart to gratitude.

Join Annie Herring, a certified sound healing practitioner, on a restful and relaxing journey of sound and gratitude. Through the healing vibrations of singing bowls, drums, tuning forks, flutes, the human voice, and other sacred instruments, you will experience deep relaxation and rejuvenation in your body and mind.


Tuesdays & Thursdays

weekly circles

Community is at the center of our mission at The Heartbeat Collective. Join us for our weekly Men & Women’s Circles, Spiritual “Happy Hours”, or Sober Curious Friday events. Check the schedule for specialty workshops and events. Your first weekly re-occuring event is on us! Our intention with these is that you always feel you have a place to come get “plugged in” and connected. Sometimes we need to be alone together.


Are you able to hear and tend to the whispers of your soul? Whether you’re looking for hands on healing, intuitive readings, bodywork, or coaching we’ve got it all. We wanted a place to hold a depth and breadth of modalities so we curated a wide range of therapies, treatments and modalities for you to explore and expand into.


treatment menu

We’re passionate about holistic healing and wellness. We’ve curated a list of amazing treatments, energy work, and coaching options for you to work through all layers of healing—mind, body & soul.


meet our Healers

We’ve done our homework and cultivated some of the best healers in Oakland under one roof. Each healer brings their own unique training, techniques and wisdom to our sacred space.

A Note From The team:


We created The Heartbeat Collective out of a yearning for a place to connect, heal, and be in community with others just like us.

It came like a call from deep in our souls that what we were craving, was being craved by many others, like you.

We believe in the power of proactive wellness, radical self-care and self-inquiry, and on-going growth—that by tending to our inner world, we cultivate the outer world we wish to see for ourselves, our loved ones, and each other.

In today’s world, we believe if you don’t make time for your wellness, you will be forced to make time for healing when you find yourself in illness or dis-ease. We are all in need of healing, our soul’s all need tending, and most people crave a place to connect more deeply with others.

We’re here to welcome you no matter where you are in your journey—celebrating joy or navigating grief and all that comes in between. We’re always here for you, with open arms. 

We dreamed of a space where we could take a yoga class, meet with talented healers and coaches, while nourishing our bodies with healthy food—all without getting in our cars. 

We wanted to create a space where you could just be in an experience of soul growth anytime you so choose. 

Welcome to The Heartbeat Collective, more than you came for. 

With great love,

Kate, Alexa, Hannah & Tiffany

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